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Improved and easier export integration with Quickbooks

I wish Passare could improve integration with Quickbooks. It's frustrating that you: 1. Must be in single user mode. This is not convenient for us and we have several employees that use quickbooks and it's not convenient to make them get out of qu...
Belinda Honea 4 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Future consideration

Accounting Exports

I would like to be able to enter a transaction, i.e. adjustment, correcting invoice or payment, and have the option to check a box that says "DO NOT EXPORT THIS". This would be helpful in balancing from Passare to Quickbooks. Instead of fixing the...
Belinda Honea 4 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Future consideration

Batch Forms having an automatic run option

Several customers who have been trained on using batch forms have asked if there was a way to automatically run batch forms like you can with other reporting options within the platform. This would add value to those who are currently using the Ba...
Chloe Jonas 5 months ago in Case Management / Automations & Triggers 0 Future consideration

Bulk add prices for new supplier

As our urn prices are rising quickly, I'm needing to update the prices more often, and have looked for some more reasonable suppliers. Which is a whole job in-and-of-itself. But then I have to go into Passare and update the prices there. Which is ...
Holly Stammis 6 months ago in Case Management / Price List 0 Future consideration

Add License Number for Nurses in the Rolodex

In the state of Wisconsin, the Nurse license number is required on the Death Certificate.
Julie Hofmann 6 months ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Blank Form Mapping To Default to Blank Instead of No

Whenever you are mapping a form there is no way to have it default to a blank spot for a Yes or No answer. For example if I wanted an area to be blank but still have the mapping for when the data is marked as yes/no it will automatically put in a No.
Guest 6 months ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration

Rolodex Check for Duplicates

User would like a "Check for Duplicates" function (like we currently have for SSN) that scans the rolodex for duplicate addresses. There are often businesses or venues that have name changes/variations, and this function will help users prevent du...
Jessie Goggans 7 months ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Change in Required Field

can you please remove the "REQUIRED FIELD" for last name. Many times family members don't know the last names of the distant family members. making it a required field is cumbersome.
Guest 7 months ago in Case Management / User Management 0 Future consideration

Seeing in Global or in a Super Admin Only view in a FH's Documents a List of all Global Forms a FH is on

It would be a big time saver/ help if I could see in Global Forms all the global forms a FH has access to. That would keep me from having to do a lot of back and forth between the FH templates and global forms and make it much easier and faster to...
Anna Andrews 8 months ago in Case Management / Documents 0 Future consideration

Customize Checklist Print

I need the ability to add customization to the print view of the checklist by adding service information fields at the top or next to the deceased name. Much more important than company logo. smile I have it on my list to try a custom document and...
Elizabeth Reed 8 months ago in Case Management / Documents 1 Future consideration