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Veteran Checklist Setting

Users would like the option to trigger on a checklist by veteran yes/no field, like we currently can for CST/disposition.
Jessie Goggans 5 months ago in Case Management / Checklist 0 Future consideration

Credit Card Recurring Auto-Payments

Users would like the capability to turn on auto-payments through First American. Enabling this feature should include family approval (to pull from their account), and give the director options to run weekly, monthly, etc. and for what amount. Thi...
Jessie Goggans 7 months ago in Case Management / Payments & Adjustments 0 Future consideration

Hide Care Center

Ops would like Care Center hidden by default and turn it on by request, like our other features. This feature is not used by all customers and can cause confusion during trainings and for new customers learning the system.
Jessie Goggans 10 months ago in Case Management / Care Center 0 Planned

Make the parents' "deceased" button the top question, not last

so often the funeral directors forget to ask this question, or staff leave the default "no" option marked. It might be nice if the default was "yes" that the parents are deceased, because they usually are, and if this question were either in the f...
Holly Stammis about 1 year ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Planned

Add ME/Coroner County field to the Vital Stats Page

Krause funeral home would like a field added to the Vital Stats page where when the ME/Coroner checkbox is selected, a field pops up for the County. The ME/Coroner County is not always the same as the place of death so they need this for reference...
Julie Hofmann about 1 year ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Planned

Connect Funeral Options & Disposition Pages

If we enter in a Burial event on Funeral Options, it should populate a "Burial" disposition on the Disposition page with details, and vice versa. Certain events should allow for these 2 pages to tie together (burials, cremation services, etc) thou...
Jessie Goggans over 1 year ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Planned

Option to list when fingerprints aren't able to be obtained

Currently, there is an option to select yes or no on "fingerprints obtained". Often times, we are unable to obtain them due to various circumstances. I'd like to see an option there, maybe with a note section, that could be "unable to obtain" or "...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Case Management / Case 0 Future consideration

Custom roles per organization

We have a "DC Recipient" and a "Survey Recipient" already. I would like to see an "Urn Recipient" role added so we can designate who is eligible to receive cremated remains. Ideally we would be able to list multiple people for this role (for crema...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 0 Future consideration

Appointment Name Consistency

When scheduling a PN appt on a PN case, the appt shows up on the Case Summary as "Arrangement Appointment" but shows on the System Calendar as "Pre-Need Appointment". Customer asked that these be consistent as "Pre-Need Appointment".
Erin Merriott over 2 years ago in Case Management / Appointments 0 Planned

Auto capitalize the first letter in fields like names, cities, etc.

As a user, it would be helpful and save time if when we entered first, middle, last names and other fields that need to be capitalized, it would automatically capitalize the first letter.
Product Team over 2 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Not being considered