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Case Management

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There should be a shortcut button to the calendar from the daily agenda that shows on the Dashboard page so people can go straight into the calendar from that screen.

I have thought this myself and a funeral home brought it up yesterday because they liked the shortcut to templates and case files that appears on each page in the case.
Anna Andrews 11 months ago in Case Management / Calendar 0 Future consideration

Ability to change order on lot description

It's not a big deal- and it might totally be a regional thing, but the order of lot description on the dispositions page is out of order from the way many of cemeteries by us do it. It's a little confusing visually to see things out of order. For ...
Holly Stammis 11 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Future consideration

Schedule & Run Reports Pulling Data From 2 Weeks Prior

Users would like the ability to schedule User and System Reports to automatically pull data from 2 weeks prior. Need the following added under Date Range options: Past 2 Weeks Last 2 Weeks
Kaylan Johnson 11 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Future consideration

Ability to add Profile ID to the Survey Report Column Option

The ability to add the Profile ID as an option in the survey report feature.
Chloe Jonas 11 months ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Future consideration

Ability to search on case listing by custom field

this would help Passare users better navigate their searches on the case listing page and increase the parameter's on their case listings
Chloe Jonas 11 months ago in Case Management / Case 0 Future consideration

Case Tag Customization

Case tags are wonderful and can really help organize all kinds of different cases based on what tags you create. We have a specific tag for spring burials because in Michigan, some burials do not happen in the winter. I am creating a case tag for ...
Guest 12 months ago in Case Management / Automations & Triggers 0 Future consideration

Generate Quickbooks Online Invoice from Passare Invoice

We use the Goods and Services and Payments and Adjustments screens to generate our SFG and in some cases invoices in Passare, which work very well and is a great feature. We also use Quickbooks Online and its invoicing features, but to record the ...
Guest 12 months ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Future consideration

Rolodex settings

Within Rolodex, add in the settings an option to include vendor and/or rolodex ids and possibly other information to appear on the opening page. Make the Rolodex user friendly to the logged-in user.
Gayla Satre about 1 year ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Future consideration

Further Search Capabilities

Oftentimes, our funeral home needs to be able to quickly reference case(s) that were at a particular church or cemetery for cost reference or perhaps how many times we have been at a particular cemetery in the last year. There is currently no good...
Guest about 1 year ago in Case Management / Reports & Dashboards 0 Future consideration

Trade QB Export

Users utilizing both Trade cases and QB exports need to be able to see invoices grouped by Trade Business as the QB Customer. It currently groups by Deceased Name, even though the trade business is truly the customer being billed. Spoke with Danie...
Jessie Goggans over 1 year ago in Case Management / Export/Import 0 Future consideration