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Returning Back to Page You Were On

When adding and editing price list items, upon going back to the main page, it takes you back to the very beginning, rather than being taken back to the last page you were on. For example, if you are on page 5 of a price list, when you return from...
Guest about 2 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Include "Lock" for Any Changes on Goods & Services on Case Status Feature

Admins need to be able to allow users to continue entering/updating Payments & Adjustments but need to prevent changes (adding or deleting items) on the Goods & Services page. Currently, the "Lock Financials" setting on the Case Status set...
Kaylan Johnson 4 months ago in Passare API 1 New

Calendar Events - Include "Added by" Username & Date/Time Info

Admins want to see who/when events are created so that if there is a conflict, they can go to the user and adjust the events as needed. There is currently no record of who/when events are created that is accessible outside of Development looking i...
Kaylan Johnson 4 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Allow for Price List Effective Dates to be Split by Branch

Users with multiple branches are able to assign a specific branch to all items/packages in their Price List but currently the Effective Date settings only allow for one date for each Price List (GPL, CPL, etc.). When there are mutiple branches, it...
Kaylan Johnson 5 months ago in Passare API 0 New

New Options under Rolodex Entries

Heard from a customer today that they would love to have a physical address and mailing address entries in the rolodex because they have a few crematories for example that have different addresses for both. They would also love to have the ability...
Guest 6 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Self populate where information has already been provided on another screen so you don't have enter it. Flash if their is more than one person with the same name.

No description provided
Guest 8 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Dashboards/Whiteboards - "Copy to Another Org" Option

Super Admins (SA) typically create a Dashboard and Share it as an example of 'Default' options for Whiteboards. However, the SA then has to maintain that Dashboard for each org so that the Users can continue to have access to it. As a workaround, ...
Kaylan Johnson 10 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Add "Save as New" Option for Shared Dashboards/Whiteboards

Many times, a User or Super Admin will create a Dashboard to be Shared with a Funeral Home and used as Whiteboards. Sharing is helpful but if changes are needed, only the owner can implement those. Allowing Users to "Save as New," similar to how i...
Kaylan Johnson 10 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Columns Needed in User Reports When Using "Rows show results for" = Contract Items

Need the following Available Report Information (columns) added when "Contract Items" is selected for the "Rows show results for" in User Reports: All Contract Balance, Sub Total, and Total columns Decedent Basic columns (i.e. Client/Decedent Age,...
Kaylan Johnson 11 months ago in Passare API 0 New

Add Column for Phone Type and/or Filter Based on Phone Type

Users who either run their own Aftercare programs or utilize a third party to handle reaching out to families (i.e., Circle of Friends, Domanicare, etc.) have reports set up to pull contact information for Informants, Family & Friends, and/or ...
Kaylan Johnson about 1 year ago in Passare API 0 New