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Passare API

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Ability to Add New Tabs to Template Page

I would like to be able to add new tabs to the Template Page. We do a lot of international shipping and there are many documents required for various countries. Having a tab at the top of the Template Page (IE: Shipping to Mexico and IE: Shipping ...
Guest 7 months ago in Passare API 0 Already exists

Self populate where information has already been provided on another screen so you don't have enter it. Flash if their is more than one person with the same name.

No description provided
Guest over 2 years ago in Passare API 0 Already exists

Dashboards/Whiteboards - "Copy to Another Org" Option

Super Admins (SA) typically create a Dashboard and Share it as an example of 'Default' options for Whiteboards. However, the SA then has to maintain that Dashboard for each org so that the Users can continue to have access to it. As a workaround, ...
Kaylan Johnson over 2 years ago in Passare API 0 Already exists