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Rolodex Tied to Shipping Information

When filling out shipping information for the deceased, there is not an option to to tie it to any rolodex entry. If we are pushing the idea of filling out information in a rolodex one time so that it does not have to be typed over and again, I th...
Guest 20 days ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Global Forms Organization

While this pertains to the build process, I think it has benefits beyond that. Essentially, I think that each global forms needs to have it's own folder/section to help navigate through, rather than having to type out the form name, title, etc. So...
Guest 2 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Scheduling New Tax Rate

Being able to schedule a new tax rate to go live in the future, rather than implementing a new tax rate at the time of entry. We have the ability to change price list items and not retroactively affect that item previous cases, and, we have the ab...
Guest 3 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Integration for Legacy Touch

If Passare had the capability to store Finger Prints and PINs for Prints that would sync over to the Legacy Touch system.
Guest 4 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

More information coming over when a user gets a 500 error

When we get a support ticket for a 500 error, all we get is that there is an error, but unless the user tells us exactly what is going on, we have to inquire from them. If we were to get a diagnostic on what the error was when the ticket came in, ...
Guest 5 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest


I would like to see Child added to the dropdown when selecting Relationship
karen holte 6 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Bank Reconciliation Feature

Since there is a checkwritting feature available, it would be extremly helpful if there was also a bank reconciliation feature with reports showing what checks/transactions cleared the bank and which are still outstanding.
Londa Darwin 6 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Edit cash advance description after a case is signed

Once a case is signed the line items are set in stone. It would be extremely helpful if cash advance descriptions were editable after signing a case (not the cost portion). Sometimes we think we have the name spelled correctly for an honorarium na...
Guest 6 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Returning Back to Page You Were On

When adding and editing price list items, upon going back to the main page, it takes you back to the very beginning, rather than being taken back to the last page you were on. For example, if you are on page 5 of a price list, when you return from...
Guest 8 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Include "Lock" for Any Changes on Goods & Services on Case Status Feature

Admins need to be able to allow users to continue entering/updating Payments & Adjustments but need to prevent changes (adding or deleting items) on the Goods & Services page. Currently, the "Lock Financials" setting on the Case Status set...
Kaylan Johnson 10 months ago in Passare API 1 Gathering interest