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eSignatures / Incorrect NOK Ordering

We are needing a solution for eSignatures corresponding to incorrect NOK mappings. Right now when there is a section of multiple fields for signatures, we map signature & contact info for NOK1, NOK2, NOK3, etc. Currently there is no indicator which signature belongs to which mapped contact information. This is causing documents to "mismatch" signatures to its NOK contact (see attachment).

The NOK1, NOK2, NOK3... ordering currently follows order as input on NOK. To clear up confusion, we would like some sort of connection between signature & contact NOK mappings (assigning signer under 'Get Signatures' would also map to appropriate NOK contact info). OR some indicator/ordering list to appear when FD is selecting signer.

  • Jessie Goggans
  • Nov 2 2020
  • Planned
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