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Signature Pad used during arrangements

Would be nice if Passare offered a means to electronically allow a customer to sign documents WHILE present at the arrangement meeting. We purchased these signature pads (Topaz esign, not terribly pricy) to use on laptops similar to those used at doctor offices for signing disclosures or initially documents that we thought we'd be able to use with Passare. Can't find a program compatible for them yet. Works with our credit card company though. But in theory the documents would be signed with the pad and stylus while the customer is present and then easily saved back into the case for storage after signing and printing. Customer can too receive a printed signed copy if desired. This feature is different than your collaboration center which we're not using yet which works similar to DocuSign which we are still using.

  • Elizabeth Reed
  • Nov 3 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Jennifer Noack commented
    23 Nov, 2020 06:13pm

    Sorry, meant to say logging into email to access the Planning Center (which they also have to log into to get to the forms).

  • Jennifer Noack commented
    23 Nov, 2020 06:11pm

    It would be very helpful for our FDs to be able to use e-signature when families are signing forms in-person without requiring signers to log into an email (potentially on a second machine) in order to be able to sign forms electronically. At present, it appears that the only options are the aforementioned (logging into email) or for the FDs to print forms, have families sign them manually, and then scan the forms back into the platform, which adds steps and eliminates the valuable e-signature tracking data.