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Workspace Case Management
Categories User Report
Created by Jessie Goggans
Created on Nov 3, 2020

Aged Days Column - Count to Start at '0'

Currently, the Aged Days column in User Reports begins counting at '1'. This column is used to see how many days it takes to close out a contract, but skews data by not starting at '0'.

For example, if my Aging column has dynamic filtering set to "Contract Date", this column should calculate # days past the contract date. If a contract is paid in full same day as my contract date, I would like to see this column show '0', since no days have passed the contract date. Right now it shows '1' in this situation, which tells me it took one day to collect payment, when it actuality it was closed same-day. This likely affects numbers for all my other cases.

This column calculation will allow funeral homes to accurately monitor closed days for contracts.

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