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Created by Kaylan Johnson
Created on Dec 11, 2020

Solution For Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number Errors

User Story: Funeral Homes that are using the Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number feature (under Other Options) will encounter error messages not allowing them to enter a payment in a case if someone else is entering a payment at the same time because the receipt number is already in use.

In larger orgs, like Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes with 3 locations that are regularly busy, it's nearly impossible to know when someone else is entering payments. Turning the Auto-Incrementing Receipt Number feature off also isn't an option since they're trying to track the receipts for the entire org.

Tammy Watkins has brought this to our attention several times since November 2019 under the assumption it was a bug. QA researched the error messages received and determined it was not a bug (, and the suggestion was made to alert users that another user in the org was adding a payment in another case at the same time.

(Screenshots of errors attached in bug ticket)

However, this still requires the info for the "second" payment to be re-entered since the other user saved first, and causes an alert that the receipt number is a duplicate and that it cannot be edited since the Auto-Incrementing feature is turned on.

Possible Solutions:

  • Allow an override if receipt number is now a duplicate

  • Have the feature adjust to the next receipt number even if not first at Saving

  • Keep Receipt Number field greyed out and do not assign an auto-incrementing number until user has Saved

  • Or whatever would work better for this issue

  • Attach files