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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
Categories Notifications
Created by Sierra Chaffin
Created on Mar 8, 2021

Allow Users to Specify Notifications by Branch/Instance and Choose Specific Email

Would be great for customers that have multiple instances (Funeral Home & Crematory) that have different emails to have the user have one login, but then specifiy the email which they receive notifications by branch/instance. This way they get all FH notifications to the FH email and then the Crematory Notifications to the Crematory Email. This is beneficial when the staff do not all have their own email and can receive the notifications to one inbox, as well as beneficial when they need to access multiple instances and need notifications to deliver to a specific email for each instance.

I.E. Jim Bob & Jane Anne work at ABC Funeral Home and ABC Crematory, both businesses use a separate email ( & They need to receive ABC Funeral Home notifcations to and ABC Crematory Notifications to Due to the current setup they can't use the same email to login with so they had to use their personal emails for their username. They will also have to use two logins in order to have the notifications go where they need and this becomes difficult and tedious when logging in because they have to constantly switch between two logins. Also this could become troublesome if they decide to just use one single login at both locations therefore it does not track now who is doing what.

This is a request by a customer that has come up on numerous occasions.

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  • Erin Merriott
    Mar 8, 2021

    I also had a customer bring this up last week. She is the head manager of 5 orgs, but works cases primarily at 2 of the 5. She only wanted notifications for those 2 orgs right now. We were unable to accommodate this without multiple logins which she didn't want due to it being tedious as Sierra stated.