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Care Center - Mention Users Capability

Users would like the option to "Mention" other users in the Care Center, specifically in Cremation Tracking Notes sections (see screenshot). This capability should match what is available elsewhere in the system (i.e. Internal Notes) and would benefit users who have lots of staff in the care center, as they have a high need to communicate on CC cases.

The "mention" capability would ideally be a benefit in all "Notes" and "Description" areas of the Care Center, for example:

  • CC > Dressing > Notes Regarding Personal Items

  • CC > Appearance > Hairdressing Description of Request

  • CC > Appearance > Cosmetics Description of Request

  • CC > Cremation > Cremation Tracking > Delivery to Crematory > Delivery Notes

  • etc.

  • Jessie Goggans
  • May 25 2021
  • Planned
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