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Signing to Request a Check and Incomplete Inventory

Customer: It has become a growing issue for our busy funeral home and quite a pain to be required to sign a case before a check can be wrote and tied to the case. Increasingly more, there is inventory listed on the contract, but a serial number is not yet available or known for the item and so the pain becomes removing that item, inserting a discretionary inventory name and amount and THEN being able to sign the case. This is also very time consuming when trying to write honorariums and pay cash advance items. (If there's a way to change/adjust this system for sake of our inventory and the time spent on creating a discretionary item, it would be greatly appreciated. A suggestion would be the ability to still "sign" a case as many times as need be, even if the serial number is not yet tied to the inventory item, but right next to the sign button perhaps a red "finalize" button which would be the case being closed out, all of the items are set in stone and IF there's a missing serial number then a red error bar would appear and ask for that serial number to be added.)

  • Erin Merriott
  • Sep 15 2021
  • Gathering interest
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