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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
Categories Accounting
Created by Belinda Honea
Created on Aug 10, 2022

Improved and easier export integration with Quickbooks

I wish Passare could improve integration with Quickbooks. It's frustrating that you: 1. Must be in single user mode. This is not convenient for us and we have several employees that use quickbooks and it's not convenient to make them get out of quickbooks for us to import payments, etc.

2: The other inconvenience is when you are importing IIF files, it has to close ALL of your open windows in quickbooks. This is also not user friendly.

3. The previous program we used was Mortware, and it does not require all of this inconvenience. You went into the program and it showed you the invoices or payments or adjustments that were there to be exported and it automatically exported it into quickbooks without all of the above trouble.

Please, please consider these suggestions, as it would be a HUGE time saver for the users of Passare.

Thanks...Belinda Honea

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