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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
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Created by Guest
Created on Sep 20, 2022

Better options for prayer cards

I am very happy with Passare and the forward moving flow of technology in most aspects of this web-based program. I do, however, feel like the program falls short when it comes to memorial printing. The templates provided to me for prayer cards are simply unusable. I feel the concept is great, a prayer, photo, name and dates. This data is poorly placed and does not actually fit on a prayer card. The layouts just do not function properly. The photo that is centered takes up a large portion of the card and is very small and hard to see. The prayers that populate onto the card do not fit and there is no room for a funeral home logo.

I presume if you polled your clients, there are not many, if any, who utilize this poor-quality aspect of Passare.

I continue to hope there will be better quality layouts coming soon.

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Prayer Card photo placement should not be centered, rather on left sided with name dod and dob beside

The photo placement on the prayer cards wastes space all the way around. This tiny version of a photo is centered around wasted space. Simply moving it to the left opens up room for the name and dates, leaving more space for prayers or versus that...
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