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Created by Holly Stammis
Created on Oct 6, 2022

Red Flag a case

On occasion, we have really touchy cases. Ones where an estranged (and sometimes deranged) family member is trying to get information they shouldn't have and could cause problems. Or ones where there's an ongoing murder investigation and reporters or defense lawyers are trying to get information. Or ones in which a member of the family physically assults our funeral director. You get the idea.

We leave ourselves notes, and remember for a few months...but then months or years pass...or we get a new office person...or someone comes back from vacation, and we get a phone call from someone asking for something that sounds legit but shouldn't be handed over.

On our old paper files, I marked these cases with a red line on the outside. That was an immediate visual signal to any future version of myself or other employee to read the whole case before offering anything. I would often also have a bright colored sticky note that said what the concern was.

Is there some way that Passare could replicate this...more than a tag or a "do not contact" checkmark? Somthing that would more like "pop up" as soon as you'd enter the case. Something that was red or flashing or whatever. Something that would let even the newest phone answerer know that there's something special to know.

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  • Jill Materia
    Dec 27, 2022

    I like the idea of a pop-up where we can enter what the flag is for...such as PRIVATE services - no details are to be provided to the public.