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Ability to Exclude Certain Categories from Recap of Avg Revenue by CST System Report

User Story

Users would like the ability to exclude items with certain Price List Categories from the report totals for the 'Recap of Average Revenue by Client Service Type' System Report.


For the 'Recap of Average Revenue by Client Service Type' System Report, add a new filtering option titled 'Price List Categories Included' (see Mockup 1.)
This drop-down filter will populate the names of price list categories' list from Admin > Price List > Price List Settings > Categories (see Mockup 2.)
The list should always include a 'No Category' option, to capture any items that do not have an assigned category.
The list should populate in alpha-asc order.

This filter will have all checkboxes selected by default and will have 'All' and 'None' options, that will allow the user to select and deselect all options from the list.
The report will only include totals for items with the categories selected from the 'Price List Categories Included' drop-down. For Example: If the drop-down does not have 'Cash Advance Items' selected, it will not include any of those items in columns 2, 3, 5, or 6 (see Mockup 3)

  • Josh McQueen
  • Aug 30 2019
  • Planned