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Consent to Send Survey through Text

It would be useful to have an option next to a Mobile phone number for Family & Friends to have a checkbox for consent to send text messages. Then be able to run a report with this information so that we can legally send out text surveys to families after a service.

"When they put in their mobile phone number, would it be possible to add a checkbox with a question that says “do you agree to receive texts from us?”

I found out there is a law requiring us to get consent from people before we text them, so we won’t be able to send out the survey unless the families have agreed to be texted when they enter their mobile phone number."

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  • May 5 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Sierra Chaffin commented
    13 May, 2020 02:37pm

    From the customer:

    1) The funeral home needs this checkbox only for the main contact/informant -not all the family members -so it would need to be wherever that main contact’s information goes

    2) There’s several possible places for it:

    -a check box under the mobile phone number

    -a check box right before the “submit” button

    -the funeral home owner mentioned another section called “disclosure of services” I think – does that sound familiar to you?

    The text next to the checkbox would say: “I agree to be texted about services, follow-ups and other notifications.”