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Add Column for Phone Type and/or Filter Based on Phone Type

Users who either run their own Aftercare programs or utilize a third party to handle reaching out to families (i.e., Circle of Friends, Domanicare, etc.) have reports set up to pull contact information for Informants, Family & Friends, and/or other roles selected. Often these "programs" are sending Text Messages to the contacts listed on the report.

Currently, there is no way to identify in reports whether a Primary, Secondary, or Other Phone is selected as "Home," "Mobile," or "Office." Meaning the program/entity sending Text Messages just has to send to ALL phone numbers listed in the report and some may get rejected if not a Mobile phone.

Possible Solutions:

  • Add a Phone Type Filter on Advanced Filtering tab when Cases or Family & Friends is selected for "Rows show results for."

  • AND/OR

  • Add a column to pull Phone Type on User Reports when "Rows show results for" has either Cases or Family & Friends selected.

Providing this information in these reports would help users and their other entities identify more reasonable results when needing to Text Message families for Aftercare Follow-up.

  • Kaylan Johnson
  • Sep 30 2021
  • New
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