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I was wondering, is there a way, that when you click the search button, it automatically put the curser in the search bar? Right now, you have to click the search icon, the click again in the search window.

This will speed up the search process, when you click the search icon, it should go ahead and place your curser in the search window.
Guest about 1 month ago in Passare API 1 Shipped

Scheduling New Tax Rate

Being able to schedule a new tax rate to go live in the future, rather than implementing a new tax rate at the time of entry. We have the ability to change price list items and not retroactively affect that item previous cases, and, we have the ab...
Guest over 1 year ago in Passare API 0 Shipped


I would like to see Child added to the dropdown when selecting Relationship
karen holte over 1 year ago in Passare API 0 Shipped

Allow for Price List Effective Dates to be Split by Branch

Users with multiple branches are able to assign a specific branch to all items/packages in their Price List but currently the Effective Date settings only allow for one date for each Price List (GPL, CPL, etc.). When there are mutiple branches, it...
Kaylan Johnson almost 2 years ago in Passare API 0 Shipped

Columns Needed in User Reports When Using "Rows show results for" = Contract Items

Need the following Available Report Information (columns) added when "Contract Items" is selected for the "Rows show results for" in User Reports: All Contract Balance, Sub Total, and Total columns Decedent Basic columns (i.e. Client/Decedent Age,...
Kaylan Johnson over 2 years ago in Passare API 0 Shipped

Base Accounting Reports on Transaction IDs Instead of Transaction Names

Currently, users are able to edit Transaction names under Admin > Accounting (Financial Accounts page) in the Transaction list. For example, "Refunds" to "REFUND." Result: Any transactions using the prior name(s) (i.e., "Refunds") on the Paymen...
Kaylan Johnson over 2 years ago in Passare API 0 Shipped