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Base Accounting Reports on Transaction IDs Instead of Transaction Names

Currently, users are able to edit Transaction names under Admin > Accounting (Financial Accounts page) in the Transaction list. For example, "Refunds" to "REFUND."

Result: Any transactions using the prior name(s) (i.e., "Refunds") on the Payments & Adjustments page will not be included in the Accounting Reports/Exports. The only way to get them to export is to complete the following steps:

  • Edit the transaction back to the previous name (i.e., "REFUND" to "Refunds") and select the Archive option (in order for the transaction to not appear in the Add Transaction drop-down on P&A page).

  • Add a new transaction with the desired name (i.e., "REFUND") and then include that transaction in the corresponding Accounting Report.

  • Exports also usually have to be ran and/or "dumped" in order to correct anything that's been handled manually, depending on the specific user scenario.

Proposed Solution:

  • Allow users to edit the name of a Transaction as they please, but auto-create a Transaction ID that is visible but not editable.

  • This ID should only be used to connect the Transactions as they are used on the P&A page (similar to the Reference Number or Item ID in the Detailed History for this page).

  • This should allow the Transaction to come out on the Accounting Reports/Exports regardless of the name of the Transaction.

Alternative Solution:

  • Remove the ability to edit existing Transaction Names if they are used on a P&A page (similar to not being able to delete Price List items that have available Inventory tied to them).

  • Add an Information Symbol "i" next to the Transaction Name field that explains this name cannot be changed since it's been used, but can be archived and another transaction created.

  • Kaylan Johnson
  • Sep 25 2021
  • New
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