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Status New
Workspace Case Management
Categories Batch Forms
Created by Erin Merriott
Created on Aug 17, 2020

Ability to run batch trade invoice for more than 1 trade business at a time.

Currently you can only run a batch trade invoice for 1 trade business at a time. Customers would like to be able to indicate all the trade businesses they need invoices for at once.

I know we can't run them in a single batch since the trade business info comes from the 1st case, but if we could say I need batches for each of these 15 trade businesses (check all the boxes at one time), maybe Passare could run a batch for each of them in the background one after another automagically?

The customer just wants to indicate everything they need at once and then have a batch show up for each trade/pet business in the download center.

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