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Workspace Case Management
Categories Rolodex
Created by Sierra Chaffin
Created on Sep 17, 2020

Include Embalmers from Rolodex in Embalmer Drop Down

User Story

Currently the Embalmers entered in the Rolodex are not tied to the drop down on the embalming page. Therefore the embalmers license number does not autopopulate unless the embalmer is a user in Passare. It would be less confusing and more conveinent to customers to have them connected so when they enter one into the Rolodex it shows up in the drop down.

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  • Sierra Chaffin
    Nov 10, 2020

    This expands to all other Drop Downs in the Care Center that are being used to enter additional names (Driver, Dressed by, Hairdressed by, etc.) because these drop downs aren't always going to just be users. I just had a call on this and it is as the user said not very user friendly. I think it would be beneficial to have all these drop downs tied to the rolodex so customers can manage them and be able to delete out names they no longer need and add ones that dont need access to Passare but they want to log their name in the system.

    "Customer was not super happy about their not being a 'Master List' to add/edit/delete the names in Care Center Drop Downs. I explained that she can add new ones through Other in the drop downs or the 'Fake' User but she really didnt like that second option. She said it wasnt really user friendly. She needs a 'Master List' (Rolodex) to be able to manage those names."