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Status Planned
Workspace Case Management
Categories Case Identifier
Created by Kaylan Johnson
Created on Jan 8, 2021

Update Automatically Based on Year for Auto-Incrementing Numerical Sequence

User Story

At the beginning of the year, most organizations using the Auto-incrementing Numerical Sequence as a "case count" are choosing to 'restart' their sequence. Most of them also expect this to happen automatically since we have Case Creation with Updates Automatically.

Creating the option to allow for "restart" on a defined date (i.e., January 1) as either a checkbox or something in the setup of the Auto-incrementing Numerical Sequence would solve this issue.

An option like this could save at least 20 Funeral Homes from having to contact Support the first week of the year, and reduce frustration with having to correct cases that were created before resetting the sequence manually.

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  • Kaylan Johnson
    Mar 16, 2021

    This would also reduce frustration for orgs that didn't realize their case IDs didn't start over until well into the year and now they have several cases to correct and there's not an easy solution to that either.