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SuperAdmins to Access Any User Report

SuperAdmins need the ability to view and edit any user report created. Ops are often asked by customers to edit reports created by other Ops members (currently employed or unemployed), or reports created by other FH users. We should be able to edit the report, see & edit its scheduling, remove the report, and see who made most recent changes to the report & what that was.

We also need the ability to view all user reports whether they are Shared or Not Shared, and see the owner of it.

This will help our team not be so dependent on other users to access a report, and we will be able to more quickly handle the customer request. Right now we have to take several steps to take care of this request. This will also help us when our team creates reports for our partners, like Domanicare, Aftercare.com, Federated, etc. that later need edits.

  • Jessie Goggans
  • Jul 15 2021
  • Planned
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