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Ancient Burials - British Columbian, Canada Field differences.

I am currently working with Zane Green at Ancient Burials, a Canadian firm. There are a few things he has pointed out to me in Passare that doesn’t match to the information they would need to record.

On the First Call page, we have changed Social Security Number to Social Insurance Number. He said that is something that they do record however what is more important is that they acquire the Personal Health Number that is 10 digits rather than 9. While this isn’t something we have to do for funeral homes in the United States, is it possible to have a 9 digit field for Social Insurance Number and a 10 digit field for Personal Health Number?

Additionally, Zane has pointed out to me that in Passare we have their zip code split in to two separate fields where you can record three digits in each. From what he has said is they do not split their zip code that way and just record the full 6 digits in one field anywhere else.

These are the details he has requested we change. He has mentioned to myself and Julie Hofmann that he will not start using the platform until we have updated these fields in Passare.

  • Chloe Jonas
  • Nov 12 2021
  • Planned
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