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Workspace Case Management
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Created by Melissa Steeber
Created on Apr 7, 2022

Stainless steel trackers for Decedent Tracking that can double as cremation disc

Current tags can get soggy or soiled when embalming, depending on the decedent. Would like heavier quality tags, but even better would be stainless steel trackers (these could double as the cremation disc on cremation cases). Could also consider adding family access to follow the care of their loved one, but with or without that, we'd still benefit greatly from steel tags for decedent tracking.

    Apr 12, 2022

    Hi Melissa! Decedent Tracking will work with any type of barcode, so you can certainly purchase steel tags or any other durable type of tag that works best for you, and use those within the Decedent Tracking app. We're not currently planning to sell any other types of tags ourselves. Hope that helps!

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