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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
Categories Price List
Created by Holly Stammis
Created on Jun 14, 2022

Bulk add prices for new supplier

As our urn prices are rising quickly, I'm needing to update the prices more often, and have looked for some more reasonable suppliers.

Which is a whole job in-and-of-itself. But then I have to go into Passare and update the prices there. Which is tedious and time consuming. I see a few ways the format could be improved to help with this.

  1. if I knew which urns on my list were, say, Batesville...then I could run a search of all the Batesville urns and update those prices. It would be really, really nice if there were a bulk action here- like say "change prices by percent" or "change prices by surcharge". Which is what we're seeing.

  2. I'm adding a new vendor, which means I want to add prices for about 30 urns...which means I have to go through and correctly identify the right sales tax, etc. for each one. It would be fantastic if there could be a bulk action that could circumvent this. Perhaps I could make a template like "new urn", and add 30 of them, or at the end of each entry there could be a "save & repeat template" option. Or, even better, a way to import a spreadsheet with name and price and item number.

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