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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
Categories Documents
Created by Holly Stammis
Created on Oct 25, 2022

search ability on Field Name for mapping

Love that we can now search the mapping options when creating a document.

Could there be a way to search the Field Names? I have a couple of PDF documents that have 10+ pages of fields (many don't map, but I want to be able to type into the document after I add case information).

Or, if searching isn't easy, maybe a way to organize them better? Like "organize fields alphabetically" "organize fields by mapped/unmapped" "organize fields by page placement"

Today I realized one of the fields on a form I use often wasn't mapping correctly--I needed it to list ALL clergy, not just clergy from service one. It took me FOREVER to find the right field. I knew the name of it, but everything is out of order, and hiding, and many fields have similar names.

Turns out, that's not a mapping option anyway...that's probably an idea for another day...

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