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Status Future consideration
Workspace Case Management
Categories Price List
Created by Holly Stammis
Created on Feb 3, 2023

Price list required field

This idea is similar to the "must be pulled from inventory" check mark on items, but it would be for would "require partnered field" or something.

For example, if we have a "crematory fee", there must also be a "coroner's permit" or "medical examiner's permit" fee also. I can't build it in because every county is different...but one of those must be selected.

Or, if we do a removal, there must also be a transfer fee (otherwise, how did the body get from our building to anywhere else?) Or if we have a removal, we must also have some sort of care of decedent body.

When everything is standard, the standard "package" prices come up, and billing simple. But hardly anything is standard anymore, and it's becoming easier to mis-bill. Anything that can help us troubleshoot these known factors would be so helpful. But, like I said, nothing is maybe more like a reminder that can be easily overridden would be a good way to incorporate this.

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