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Workspace Case Management
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Created on Mar 27, 2024

“Keyword” search case filter

Is it possible to add a new search criteria option to the case filters?

There are times when we need to pull from old cases for reference, or reference a case where something particular was in the goods and services, but can't remember which specific case is the one we are looking for, and a "keyword" option would be incredibly helpful.

Example: needing to reference a case where we sold flower candles. We don't know the name of the person who purchased the candles, and instead of searching through all the cash sales and at-need contracts, we could just search for the keyword "candles" and it would pull up all the cases that had "candles" in the contract under goods and services.

Also, referencing a case that had a specific doctor sign the paperwork. We input that doctor information when we begin the records, and sometimes, we have to look back at previous Death Certificates, and see "who was the last person that that DR signed for" and it would be much easier if that "keyword" search feature was available.

I hope this is something we can make happen.

Thank you,

Madison Crihfield

Covington Funeral Home(901) 476-3757

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