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Created by Guest
Created on Apr 12, 2024

Add Ability for Users to Bookmark Forms to Display Separately from Standard Forms

We've had a lot of customers ask about changing the Order/Selection of Standard Forms, and while there are certainly workarounds that we've been able to use, some FH Standard Forms are mandated by Organizations like Vertin/Legacy etc.

Specifically, we've been asked if it's possible to customize how the Standard Forms are displayed per user, or per location.

From my perspective and understanding, I think would be best to add a second Standard Form section for "Bookmarked" or "Favorited" forms, that is user-based. This would allow users to bookmark/favorite their most used/preferred forms (regardless of whether or not they're already in Standard Forms), so they will be listed separately from the Standard Forms.

I would think a separate section would be better than Customizing Standard Forms so that they could still see/download a Standard Form quickly even if they haven't bookmarked/favorited it.

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  • Guest
    Apr 23, 2024

    I have been begging for a customizable "Standard Form" section, but a "Bookmark" section will work. It would be nice to have the "Bookmark" section as the one that is right there in my Passare and if I need a standard form, I can toggle to it. If that makes sense.