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Status Shipped
Workspace Case Management
Categories Batch Forms
Created by Daniell Jara
Created on Mar 25, 2020

Add Default Sorting to Batch Forms

User Story

Users are wanting consistent sorting of documents from the Batch Forms feature. At one point, it used to be alpha by branch and then alpha by decedent last name within the branch. However, that is not the order now and appears to be random. Users are struggling to work through their monthly statements not knowing the order.


The default sorting of all batch forms needs to be:

  1. Branch Name, alpha-ascending (A-Z)

  2. Decedent Last Name, alpha-ascending (A-Z)

For Example:
Branch A, Last Name A
Branch A, Last Name B
Branch A, Last Name C
Branch B, Last Name A
Branch B, Last Name B
Branch B, Last Name C

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