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Account codes and dates displayed on the Goods & Services screen

Account codes would be very helpful, particularily for cash advances since Vertin Company purchase accounts must off-set the sales account. Very helpful with cash advance accruals.

Date are also very helpful so that we can see, at a very quick glance, which sales were included in which signing.

  • Londa Darwin
  • Apr 9 2020
  • Planned
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  • Colleen Neal commented
    20 Dec, 2021 09:45pm

    this would be one of the best things to happen. It would help so much

  • Gayla Satre commented
    2 Sep, 2020 07:28pm

    GREAT idea! Will this be rectified when using the checkwriter system?

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2020 06:46pm

    This would be very, very helpful - would absolutely love this!