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Save common entries (like place names, common names, etc.) so we can autofill fields after typing the first few letters

As a user, it would save time and help out if common entries are saved so as we type them out, we have the option to select a commonly entered name/entry. Kind of like a predictive keyboard.

For example, if my county name is really long, I could just start typing the first couple letters and it would pull up the name for me to select (like with the zip code field). Another example could be common names, if I start to type Smith, have it pop up for me, after typing a few letters, to select that name so I don't have to always type out the full name.

  • Product Team
  • Apr 15 2020
  • Not being considered
  • May 5, 2020

    Admin response

    After reviewing this idea, we don't currently see where this fits on our roadmap in the near future. Most modern browsers have auto-fill functionality already built into them that you can configure, so this would be our recommendation on how to achieve this for now. Thanks!

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