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I would like to have a Calendar that allows us me to manually enter service information on the Calendar without the restriction of pulldown options. Example (10:00 AM Mass, FULL NAME OF DECEASED, Prayers 9:15 AM – funeral home name to church name – interment Cemetery name) In addition it would be helpful to have tags that reserves room(s) (Chapel A, Chapel B, Chapel Chapel C, etc.), automotive equipment (hearse one, hearse two, escort vehicle, van 1 van 2 etc.) equipment (AV cart, urn carrier). Having these tags, connected/associated with the calendar permits us from over booking chapels, livery and equipment. It also gives us the ability to get a snapshot of event on the calendar as one entry instead of three seperate events for the same service (event 1 prayers, event 2 funeral, event 3 cemetery) Please find a couple of images attached to this email as examples.

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  • May 7 2022
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