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Searching for Branches

It would be a time saver if we were able to search for branches on their own, rather than searching for the organization, then branch. Having the ability to search for the branch along with the organization would help us find our homes better.
Guest 2 months ago in Case Management / Search 0 Future consideration


In this world with the pool of nefarious hackers gaining traction in their knowledge of breaching data, it seems VITAL to add 2nd - Level Log in Authentication. If ours or any funeral home database were to be infiltrated the outcome would be catas...
Guest 3 months ago in Case Management / Security 0 Planned

Calendar tags take you straight to the event.

Whenever you have a notification that tells you you were tagged in a note on an event in the calendar, you should be able to click the notification and be taken directly to the event instead of just the month.
Guest 4 months ago in Case Management / Calendar 3 Future consideration

Refunds and Check Writing

Customer requested when you create a refund in a case on the payments & adjustments page, it should create a check in check writing. The current process is double entry.
Erin Merriott 6 months ago in Case Management / Check Writing 0 Future consideration

Custom Fields: Add type to include Family and Friends

Currently when you check the box for submitting a check requests. The only thing you can modify is the payee. In Texas we are allowed to upcharge Cash Advance items. In those cases, the bookkeeper needs to know if the amount is different than what...
Guest 10 months ago in Case Management / Check Writing 0 Future consideration

There should be a shortcut button to the calendar from the daily agenda that shows on the Dashboard page so people can go straight into the calendar from that screen.

I have thought this myself and a funeral home brought it up yesterday because they liked the shortcut to templates and case files that appears on each page in the case.
Anna Andrews about 1 year ago in Case Management / Calendar 0 Future consideration

Calendar Sync

When the calendar is synced to mobile, it does not list all of the information for the event in Passare. I have attached two screenshots showing the calendar entries for an arrangement meeting. On desktop, the event name is "Arrangement Meeting fo...
Devin Pauly about 1 year ago in Case Management / Calendar 1 Future consideration

Additional Details for Calendar

If you click on an event or meeting in the calendar, the summary of info comes up. That summary needs more info. It should contain the name of the person who is meeting with the family for arrangement meetings and the funeral director for services...
Erin Merriott over 1 year ago in Case Management / Calendar 1 Planned

Global Search Improvements

Users would like improvements to the Global Search tool: Prioritize search results by recently clicked, rather than number of clicks funeral homes typically juggle a handful of cases at a time and are quickly closing these contracts out, then movi...
Jessie Goggans over 1 year ago in Case Management / Search 0 Planned

Search Bar & Ability to Save Filters/Tabs on Check Writing Page

Customers are requesting a search bar on the check writing page that allows them to search by check number, payee, amount, etc. They would also like to be able to save filters as tabs like you can on the case listing page. Currently if you need to...
Erin Merriott almost 2 years ago in Case Management / Check Writing 1 Planned