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Dark Mode/Version of Passare

Jeremey Heath with Heath Funeral Home has asked if we were able to have a 'dark mode' of Passare. He has mentioned on several occasions that he struggles to see/navigate his webpage.. even after he has adjusted his brightness and monitor settings.
Chloe Jonas 2 months ago in Case Management / System 0 Future consideration

Show Pet Business Name of Batch Payments Screen

Best Friends Pet Cremations processes over 600 cases a month and they are currently using the batch payments. In order to make this process less tedious they are requesting to add the Pet Business name to the columns on the Batch Payments screen. ...
Julie Hofmann 21 days ago in Case Management / Batch Payments 0 Planned

System Calendar improvements

How about different colors in the System Calendar, depending on the event or different color depending on the funeral home branch, like the common Outlook or Google calendar allows you to do. Helps them stand out better for company preferences. Ad...
Elizabeth Reed over 3 years ago in Case Management / Calendar 5 Planned

Additional Check Template Tags Requested

Additional option for check date as mm/dd/yyyy (current templates output mm/dd/yy) Additional option for written check amount to have each word capitalized and to populate Five "Dollar(s)" & 00/100 (current template outputs "five & 00/100"...
Erin Merriott over 3 years ago in Case Management / Check Writing 0 Planned

QR code tracking for pets

You have the QR code system for humans. Why not have it for pets. It is nice to be able to see the human cases we are serving through the cremation process. Logging in the retort, processor, urn ready to go to location and urn received at location...
Guest 9 months ago in Case Management / Security 0 Future consideration

The ability to remove cases with a zero balance when filtering missing signing

When filtering cases on the case listing page there is not a way to currently remove cases with out a contract from the 'missing singing' option. Even when combining 'missing signing' and 'outstanding balance - no' this does not remove the cases t...
Chloe Jonas 7 months ago in Case Management / Search 0 Planned

Sort Batch Forms by trade business

It would be helpful to sort or group batch forms by the trade business. This would make invoicing significantly easier
Madison Hicks 4 months ago in Case Management / Batch Forms 0 Planned

Calendar Sync

When the calendar is synced to mobile, it does not list all of the information for the event in Passare. I have attached two screenshots showing the calendar entries for an arrangement meeting. On desktop, the event name is "Arrangement Meeting fo...
Devin Pauly over 2 years ago in Case Management / Calendar 1 Planned

Add "Check Transaction" Name and account number as a column in User Reports

Add "Check Transaction" Name and account number as a column in User Reports under Checks. This is for Clark Funeral Homes
Julie Hofmann 5 months ago in Case Management / Check Writing 0 Planned

Expanding the master search bar when searching for funeral homes to include a sublist of branches under each organization

The search bar that internal passare staff use when accessing the master list of funeral homes does not allow for the ability to see branches under the organization name. Including the ability for the branch name to sub-populate under the org name...
Chloe Jonas 10 months ago in Case Management / Search 0 Future consideration