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Account codes and dates displayed on the Goods & Services screen

Account codes would be very helpful, particularily for cash advances since Vertin Company purchase accounts must off-set the sales account. Very helpful with cash advance accruals. Date are also very helpful so that we can see, at a very quick gla...
Londa Darwin over 2 years ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 3 Planned

Collaboration Center Text Invites - Option for Default On/Off

Would like the Collaboration Center text message checkbox to have a settings option to be defaulted on or off. Right now the box is always checked "on", while I prefer to designate who should receive the texts manually. Every family and situation ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 5 Planned

When information is entered on one tab, it updates on all other applicable pages

User Story As a user, I would like for information entered on one tab to populate on all other applicable pages. For example, if you are in a case and navigate to the Arrangement Tab and under disposition: we enter Date of Disposition; Disposition...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Planned

Ability to Default a Funeral Director

It would be really beneficial to have the ability to set a default Funeral Director especially when there is only one Funeral Director in the Funeral Home. This way the funeral director doesnt have to assign themselves to every single case.
Guest over 1 year ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Planned

Requiring C.S.T. for signing should also prevent user from adding any G&S

Currently you can restrict signing on the G&S page if a C.S.T. has not been selected. Several people have asked that this requirement include users to not be allowed to add any items to the G&S page before selecting a C.S.T. Example: Say...
Erin Merriott almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 0 Planned

Ability to Restore Deleted Checklists and Ability to Create a New Checklist within a Case

I see we have an older idea related to a portion of this idea that was marked as "will not implement". The comment suggests to have a list of the checklist items on your computer so you can rebuild. You cannot create a new checklist within the cas...
Erin Merriott over 2 years ago in Case Management / Checklist 2 Planned

Internal Notes

It would be useful to have the ability to track internal note history; ex. if the internal note was deleted, it would be great to be able to click "detailed history" and see when and who deleted that note. (like the detailed history on the goods a...
Joanna Gore over 2 years ago in Case Management / Notes 0 Planned

Additional information needed on "View Check Detail" screen when in Goods and Services

On the Goods and Services screen when clicking on View check details, It would be extremely helpful to see the following, especially when dealing with cash advance accruals: The check transaction. This allows a Vertin user to see at a very quick g...
Londa Darwin about 1 month ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 0 Planned

Add the option to put Date of Burying Remains at Cemetery when a Cremation Date is added

When cremation date is added, we should also have another spot for the date of burying remains at the cemetery as well
Product Team almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Care Center 0 Planned

Checkbox on Vital Stats Page - Pregnant? Yes or No

Funeral Homes that have to use EDRS to request and input Death Certificate info need a checkbox to confirm whether or not the decedent was pregnant on the Vital Statistics page. There is currently nowhere in the case that collects this information...
Kaylan Johnson about 2 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Planned