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PINNED Check for duplicate decedent names.
We continually have issues with multiple users started the same case. Data must be re-entered. I would be helpful to have the system check for duplicates when entering a decedent last name to avoid these types of issues. Even a "merge" record woul...

Case Management

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Multiple Arrangements in the "Appointments Tab"

Is it possible to update Passare so that directors can add more than one arrangement meeting under the "Appointments" tab? On the rare cases where I have to meet with the same family multiple times to go over arrangements, it would be helpful for ...
Guest 26 days ago in Case Management / Appointments 0 Gathering interest

Sorting Notes by Ascending and Descending Dates

Given the new update (5/2 or 5/3 2023) where the Notes/Comments section was changed from viewing the most recent note at the bottom to now the newest note at the top; I think it would be useful to be able to sort notes by date and time in ascendin...
Guest about 1 month ago in Case Management / Notes 0 Gathering interest

Recognize URLs in web app Notes

It would be great if URLs could be recognized within a Note and opened in the user's default browser.
Guest about 1 month ago in Case Management / Notes 0 Gathering interest

Ability to have Mutiple Addresses for 1 Contact

This is useful for Physicians/Clergy/Doctors/Nurses and other contact types that are affiliated with multiple locations. They have different addresses that have to be used on forms for separate cases. This helps with minimizing the use for duplica...
Guest about 1 month ago in Case Management / Rolodex 0 Gathering interest

Expanding the master search bar when searching for funeral homes to include a sublist of branches under each organization

The search bar that internal passare staff use when accessing the master list of funeral homes does not allow for the ability to see branches under the organization name. Including the ability for the branch name to sub-populate under the org name...
Chloe Jonas about 1 month ago in Case Management / Search 0 Gathering interest

Photo on Case Listing

Please consider adding the photo at the top of each case listing next to name, dates, case identifier so right as you open a case or while you're working on the different pages, the primary photo would always appear.
Guest about 2 months ago in Case Management / Files 0 Gathering interest

Link related cases

We've been using Passare long enough now that we are often burying spouses, siblings, children, etc. of cases already in Passare. A staff member mentioned today that it would be really nice if there were a way to link that case number to the "fami...
Holly Stammis 27 days ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 0 Gathering interest

Ability to see who adds an attachment/case file and when.

Having the ability to see who adds a case file and when they add it would be extremely beneficial. There are situations where you may need to ask somewhere where they got the file or how they got it, and with a bunch of employees it's really hard ...
Guest 29 days ago in Case Management / Files 0 Gathering interest

Death certificate tracking

it would be nice if there was an easier way of tracking status of a death certificate. I understand you could use checklist, but if there was a dashboard where you can see all your current cases and a specific dash board status. For example, in yo...
Matt Murphy about 2 months ago in Case Management / Checklist 0 Gathering interest

Add a generic "insurance info" tab

Please create a screen for data entry specifically pertinent to insurance policies. It would be very helpful to be able to have everything in one place so at a glance, you could see who holds the policy, the policy number, death benefit, a checkbo...
Guest 2 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Gathering interest