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Passare API

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Add Case Types Selection to System Reports to Include in Report Results

Users need to be able to include other case types, such as Trade Cases, when pulling System Reports. Example: "Survey Client Service Type" - currently this report only pulls At-Need cases but Trade Cases also are able to specify a Client Service T...
Kaylan Johnson over 1 year ago in Passare API 0 Planned

WePay API integration

I was looking to set up WePay and my first question for Passare, especially in these times, is there an integration setting that would allow us to email an invoice directly to the family for them to pay online themselves. I found out we can’t. A q...
Eric Keyser over 2 years ago in Passare API 1 Planned

Integration with Batesville

Batesville has a cloud based funeral management software. If Passare would auto-generate into Batesville, it would save us more time because we use them for our obituaries and video presentations.
Product Team almost 3 years ago in Passare API 0 Planned