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Varies by CST Transactions not Ideal for Cash Sale Cases

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There are transactions that can vary the debit and credit accounts, depending on the Client Service Type selected for a case. This however is not possible with Cash Sale cases, since they do not have a Client Service Type selector. Right now, we have to create Cash Sale specific transactions, which can over-saturate the transaction drop-down within the P&A page of a case.

  • Daniell Jara
  • Jul 6 2020
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  • Kaylan Johnson commented
    13 Jul 05:59pm

    Possible solution would be to include a Cash Sale Case Type "default" account to be listed when an account Varies by Client Service Type. See screenshot below.

    This would be the default for only this case type so it would not interfere with other case types that just do not have a CST selected.

  • Sierra Chaffin commented
    27 Jan 10:34pm

    For accounting exports, it is necessary to have a setup available for Client Service Type and Cash Sale. Because when doing accounting by Client Service Type you are unable to tie accounts for Cash Sales which do not have Client Service Types. So when I created a Cash Sale, added merchandise to the Goods & Service and tried exporting their was no GL Account tied to the item. The work around for this is very complicated and create a lot of extra work when updating/adding to the price list as well as the Chart of Accounts (Duplicating every price list item and duplicating those accounts that are by CST).