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Allow General Reports Category to Pull Only One Case at a Time

Vertin firms use a system report called Cash Advances to Pay - Vertin Co. management has requested that this report be available under the General Reports category so that more of their users can access the report.

However, they need to be able to pull the report for One Case instead of only All Cases. They can only do this if the report is under the Accounting Reports category though.

We need this capability under the General Reports category as well.

  • Kaylan Johnson
  • Jul 16 2020
  • Not being considered
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  • Admin
    Daniell Jara commented
    21 Jul, 2020 04:11pm

    That's great! I will mark this as 'Will not implement', since we have a viable solution at the moment.

    Thanks, Kaylan!

  • Kaylan Johnson commented
    21 Jul, 2020 03:05pm

    Daniell, that did work! I had tried that before but I think I had it added to Accounting Reports first and then selected General Reports. That made it only show up under the Accounting tab and Vertin Co. management requested it be under General. Adding General Reports first and then Accounting solves the problem. Thank you!!

  • Admin
    Daniell Jara commented
    20 Jul, 2020 04:14pm

    Thanks, Kaylan. If you mark the report as both 'Accounting' and 'General' reports, it appears that allows you to then run the report for a single case. Can you confirm that also works for you? If so, is that a viable solution?