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Status Shipped
Workspace Case Management
Categories Documents
Created by Nick Tunheim
Created on Mar 30, 2020

Ability to Filter Rollup Documents by Item Signing Date

Vertin uses a Batch Form to output a Marker Commission Report that is used on a monthly basis to determine commission on marker sales for each funeral director within each organization.

Current: Within the DocX tag, filtering is done on a case level and not on a contract line item level.

Request: When filtering by signing date, the rows within the DocX tag will be filtered by the specific item signing date.

The suggested change would be to:

  • Filter cases by the UI conditions

  • Fetch items by by previously defined conditions

  • Filter items by DocX element attributes

  • Render tags for each item

Attached is the original document as well as the document output.

FYI - Marko is the expert in this are and knows exactly what needs to be done to obtain the results needed.

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