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Include Obituary Photo in Messenger Export

It would be very helpful when building out the Messenger Make It! Personal printings, if the photo that's uploaded to the Obituary Photo spot in Passare would be included in the Messenger Export.
Guest 2 months ago in Case Management / Printing 1 Gathering interest

Multi Select Items from Checklists

Allow multiple items to be selected for deletion from a checklist. Individual selection and confirmation seems like a needless waste of time.
John Glueckert 3 months ago in Case Management / Checklist 0 Gathering interest

Add weight field to case creation modal

Users would like the option to add in decedent weight on the initial case creation modal, both in the web and mobile apps. Decedent weight is often collected at the time of pickup.
Jessie Goggans 3 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Gathering interest

Case Creation Modal - Add Place of Death

On new case creation modal, Passare users would like the ability to fill in Location of Death information (currently on First Call). This would include Location of Death dropdown and corresponding fields (i.e. hospital name, residence address, nur...
Jessie Goggans 3 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Gathering interest

Red Flag a case

On occasion, we have really touchy cases. Ones where an estranged (and sometimes deranged) family member is trying to get information they shouldn't have and could cause problems. Or ones where there's an ongoing murder investigation and reporters...
Holly Stammis about 2 months ago in Case Management / Files 0 Gathering interest

Middle name field when creating case

One of my FHs suggested that they would love to have a middle name field in the pop up box when creating a case so that if they already have that information, they do not have to add it in the first call page
Anna Andrews 3 months ago in Case Management / Case 0 Gathering interest

Signatures to documents

Would like to challenge Passare to add the ability for customers to sign documents via a pad connected (via USB) to a laptop such as Topaz Systems S460 (I've used in doctor offices, pharmacies, banks, etc.) for them to sign contracts, cremation au...
Elizabeth Reed about 1 month ago in Case Management / Printing 0 Gathering interest

There needs to be a spot for "NA" on the parents. The death certificate system has one also. Not everyone knows their parents name. Leslie Buehler is an example on D22-011.

No description provided
Guest about 2 months ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 0 Gathering interest

Change ability to check whether there is jewelry or pacemaker

Currently, the questions are "Pacemaker removed?" and "Jewelry removed?" There needs to be either an option to ask if there is jewelry or pacemaker and then to ask if removed, or to have a N/A option.
Carol Harley 2 months ago in Case Management / Care Center 0 Gathering interest

Adding Date to Line Items on Goods and Services

It would be a lot easier to add the line item addition date to the goods and services pages rather than having to pull the reports just to simply find a date.
Guest 3 months ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 0 Gathering interest