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Include Obituary Photo in Messenger Export

It would be very helpful when building out the Messenger Make It! Personal printings, if the photo that's uploaded to the Obituary Photo spot in Passare would be included in the Messenger Export.
Guest 2 months ago in Case Management / Printing 1 Future consideration

Ability to customize Family & Friends Fields Placement

Users would like the option to customize which fields show initially when adding in new Family & Friends. For example: moving the "Spouse" field out of "Additional Information" to the primary view, so that this is easily edited. Some users fin...
Jessie Goggans 6 months ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 4 Future consideration

Multi Select Items from Checklists

Allow multiple items to be selected for deletion from a checklist. Individual selection and confirmation seems like a needless waste of time.
John Glueckert 3 months ago in Case Management / Checklist 0 Future consideration

New Role for Cremains Pickup

While there is a spot in the care center to record who picked up cremains, it would be helpful to add a cremains pickup role like there is a DC recipient role.
Anna Andrews 8 months ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 2 Future consideration

Add weight field to case creation modal

Users would like the option to add in decedent weight on the initial case creation modal, both in the web and mobile apps. Decedent weight is often collected at the time of pickup.
Jessie Goggans 3 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Future consideration

Upload Fingerprints

It would really be great to have a place to upload fingerprints…. I use the 2nd photo spot when I can but often use it for an actual second photo. -Jewell Shivery
Guest 7 months ago in Case Management / Care Center 0 Future consideration

Place to put the number of grandchildren/great-grandchildren w/o listing them.

A lot of funeral homes list the number of grands/great-grands in the obit or memorial printing without having all of their first & last names. It would be great to be able to just put in the number & relationship
Madison Hicks 6 months ago in Case Management / Family & Friends 0 Future consideration

Red Flag a case

On occasion, we have really touchy cases. Ones where an estranged (and sometimes deranged) family member is trying to get information they shouldn't have and could cause problems. Or ones where there's an ongoing murder investigation and reporters...
Holly Stammis 2 months ago in Case Management / Files 0 Future consideration

Autosave when you change pages

It would be nice if you could transfer pages without having to save, an auto save when you shift maybe.
Product Team almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Future consideration

Case Creation Modal - Add Place of Death

On new case creation modal, Passare users would like the ability to fill in Location of Death information (currently on First Call). This would include Location of Death dropdown and corresponding fields (i.e. hospital name, residence address, nur...
Jessie Goggans 3 months ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Future consideration