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PINNED Check for duplicate decedent names.
We continually have issues with multiple users started the same case. Data must be re-entered. I would be helpful to have the system check for duplicates when entering a decedent last name to avoid these types of issues. Even a "merge" record woul...

Data Entry

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Add Funeral Options Page on Imminent-Need Cases

User Story Imminent Need cases need to have the Funeral Options page available under Arrangement just as Pre-Need and At-Need cases. This is possibly more important on Imminent Need than Pre-Need as the Funeral plans are expected to take place soo...
Kaylan Johnson over 3 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 2 Shipped

Add Deputy Coroner as an option to D.C. Signed By Dropdown on Vital Stats/First Call Page

Deputy Coroners have the ability to sign Death Certificates but in Passare is not an option in the D. C. Signed By drop down. This is a hindrance because we can not accurately notate who signed the DC if they are a Deputy Coroner. It would be nice...
Sierra Chaffin almost 4 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Shipped

Create "quick add" fields for Family & Friends

When entering Family & Friends, it would be helpful to have the option to add a family member by name and relationship alone, without going to a separate form to do so. If you wanted to add more detail, you could open up the form to do that af...
Marcus Wilson about 4 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry / Family & Friends 1 Shipped

Add "Married, But Separated" Marital Status to Drop-down Selection

North Carolina includes "Married, but Separated" as a legal status (it was added to the NC Death Certificate in Block 6 in 2017), but it's not available for customers to select from the drop-down.
Rachel Galloway almost 4 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Shipped

Remove Requirements of Event Dates on the PreNeed Funeral Options Page

On a PreNeed Case in the Funeral Options page, you should be able to select the type of service the person hopes to have but it should not REQUIRE dates. Since the person has no idea when their death will occur, can we take off the required date e...
Guest over 4 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Shipped

ME Case number field

When we select that the Coroner/ME was contacted, it would be nice to have a field to enter the ME's case number. We need to reference this when we call the Cook County ME's office, and include it on the death certificate. Right now we are just pu...
Holly Stammis about 2 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Shipped

Connect Funeral Options & Disposition Pages

If we enter in a Burial event on Funeral Options, it should populate a "Burial" disposition on the Disposition page with details, and vice versa. Certain events should allow for these 2 pages to tie together (burials, cremation services, etc) thou...
Jessie Goggans about 3 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 1 Shipped

Custom Fields per Page

Customers would like to see custom fields per page rather than all on one separate page. The current setup leaves a lot of opportunity to miss entering important information since they must visit a complete different page. It would be ideal for cu...
Erin Merriott about 2 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 0 Shipped

Default Veteran Yes/No Field to Blank

Users would like Veteran Yes/No radio button field (Vital Stats page) to be defaulted to blank, instead of 'No'. This should be upon creation for all case types, and includes cases brought over by FDLIC integration, as this can cause confusion sin...
Jessie Goggans almost 3 years ago in Case Management / Data Entry 3 Shipped