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Planning Center

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Planning Center Merchandise needed for Preneed Clients

Families love the Planning Center to quickly update information and view merchandise for selections. Currently, Merchandise tab is only available for at-need and imminent need cases. Preneed families especially are on the move and the merchandise ...
Becky Schrader 3 days ago in Planning Center 0 New

Use Merchandise Section as a Virtual Casket Show Room

We have been brainstorming how to show caskets during in-person arrangements. Right now we use binders with printed pictures, which is ok. We have a computer in the arrangement room that uses a large tv as a monitor and we want to be able to show ...
Mara James 14 days ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Allow Payments Only Planning Center access for Cash Sale customers

Recently I had a cash sale customer who did everything over the phone and did not come into the office. When it came time to collect, I had to manually collect the CC info over the phone. It would have been nice to be able to provide an online lin...
Guest 5 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Custom Video per Case Type and per Branch

Einan's at Sunset needs to be able to upload another custom video that is only on PreNeed case types in a specific branch. Currently you can only upload a custom video to AtNeed cases. The cutom video selections would need to be by Branch and by C...
Julie Hofmann 7 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Messaging through Planning Center

In the instance that a funeral home would like to communicate with all family members, if there could be a way to send a message to all the family members in planning center.
Guest 7 months ago in Planning Center 0 Planned

A.I. Obituary Writer

Lately I have seen emails and articles regarding Artificial Intelligence Obituary Writing. This would be a fantastic feature to include in the Planning Center for families and funeral home staff to use.
JOEL WALTERS 8 months ago in Planning Center 2 Gathering interest

Add Closed Captioning/Subtitles Option to Planning Center Default Video

It may be rare, but in the situation where a family member is deaf, they'd certainly benefit from being able to read the subtitles. Additionally, it may help family members read the detail as they're hearing them, and it would give anyone the capa...
Guest 9 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Collect eSignatures at Funeral Home

As more funeral homes are utilizing the Planning center both remotely and during arrangements, it has come up that it would be very helpful for families to be able to sign documents while at the funeral home instead of the FD sending the signature...
Anna Andrews 9 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Notify FD when Obituary is complete in PC

Almost every family that composes their obituary on the PC ends up calling to ask why the obituary they completed "yesterday" is not on our website. Well, that's because I didn't know they were finished with it. I often ask the families to let me ...
Guest 9 months ago in Planning Center 0 Already exists

Allow multiple photos to be uploaded at one time

The ability to upload more than one photo at a time would be very helpful to families. Also, families have asked why they can't see/or preview the photos they've uploaded, making it difficult to know if they've already uploaded a specific photo. M...
Guest 10 months ago in Planning Center 1 Gathering interest