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E-signature text wrapping

A text box needs to have the ability to wrap to the next line. Right now I can type in a long text and it extends out of the box and can't be read easily. Does not look professional. We need the ability to have multiple lines of text in a text box.
Guest 6 days ago in Planning Center 0 New

E-Signature - Required Fields

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook signature and initial fields during the signing process. The blue button in right hand corner will tell you that there is missing information when you hover over it, but it doesn't tell you exactly what. I thin...
Tarrence Price 12 days ago in Planning Center 1 Gathering interest

E-Signature Procedure Clarification

There have been multiple instances where families have reported that they were unable to access the document for signing. Since users are asked to create their signature/initials before seeing the form, I wonder if this is causing some concern and...
Tarrence Price 18 days ago in Planning Center 0 Planned

Allow Preferences Questions to be different based on the Client Service Type of a case

For funeral homes that serve several types of families and have a wide range of case types, it would be good to be able to change the preference questions in the Planning Center based on the Client Service Type chosen in the case. This way, if the...
Julie Hofmann 14 days ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Add the name suffix to the name of the invited person on the Connect and Collaborate email.

This would be useful to show exactly who is being addressed.
Guest 19 days ago in Planning Center 0 Planned

Required Fields on Planning Center

For death certificate purposes to families that are sent a Planning Center invite, could there be more required fields? As such that is required on the death certificate. i.e. parent info, address, etc.
Guest 2 months ago in Planning Center 0 Future consideration

create optional questions on preferences page in planning center that match service detail questions in Passare

Funeral homes would like to have questions for the family to answer that map directly to the service details section on the Funeral Options page (i.e music, flowers, printed materials, etc.) ideally these questions would be able to be checked on/o...
Madison Hicks about 1 month ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Add ability for family to assign roles in Planning Center

Funeral Homes would like the family to have the ability to assign roles (specifically Pallbearer, Honorary PB, Urnbearer) in the planning center when adding family & friends on the family page in Planning Center.
Madison Hicks about 1 month ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Self-Started Cases by branch rather than org

Our bigger locations that own multiple brands would like to utilize self-started cases currently this is difficult because it is all set up at the org level. I would like to be able to have a different link for each branch and those self-started c...
Madison Hicks 3 months ago in Planning Center 1 Planned

Planning Center Merchandise needed for Preneed Clients

Families love the Planning Center to quickly update information and view merchandise for selections. Currently, Merchandise tab is only available for at-need and imminent need cases. Preneed families especially are on the move and the merchandise ...
Becky Schrader 6 months ago in Planning Center 1 Future consideration