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Planning Center

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Change the icons to thumbnails on the files and photos page

It would be helpful for the family if they could view what photos they had loaded in the planning center under files and photos. Currenlty it just shows the file type but a thumbnail of the image would be more helpful. See screenshot.
Julie Hofmann 15 days ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Need to add Manager/Supervisor name to the Planning Center email

In New Jersey it is required that you have the Manager or Supervisor name listed any where the name of the funeral home is listed, this includes documents and emails. Currenlty when sending a Planning Center invitation the funeral home name, addre...
Guest 15 days ago in Planning Center 2 Gathering interest

Notification of Approved Obit

We would like to be notified once the family has approved the Obit in case they don't call or email us to let us know.
Austin Flowers 2 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Add field for number of Death Certificates needed

One of the main questions a family has to answer is how many death certificates they will need. Please consider adding this field somewhere in the PC, so the family can choose a quantity. Additionally, a message should be shown providing informati...
Guest 8 months ago in Planning Center 1 Gathering interest

Update to video

The video in the planning center talks about starting on the collect tab but this has now changed to the gather tab!
Anna Andrews about 1 month ago in Planning Center 0 Planned

Adding File Folders to Files/Photos section

It would be very helpful if we were able to create file folders for the clients to be able to upload pictures or files using the planning center, but would allow us to sort those files on our side. Example: File 1 - Insurance Documentation, File 2...
Guest 4 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Preneed Collaboration

When will preneed and imminent cases be able to offer collaboration with families. ?
Guest over 3 years ago in Planning Center 2 Planned

Add ability for Purchaser(s) to view itemized breakdown of charges

It would be nice if Family/Friends who are designated as Primary Purchaser or Purchaser to be able to view a itemized breakdown of charges and applied payments from within the Planning Center.
Guest 3 months ago in Planning Center 0 Planned

Automatically lock the Case when Case is closed, so the family cannot make changes to an older Case.

We recently had a situation where a family member signed into the collaboration center to edit a new Case. However, they were on a case they had been invited to over two years ago and made alot of changes to it thinking it was for the new Case. Th...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Planning Center 2 Planned

Custom Fields: Add type to include Family and Friends

It coud be helpful if the Planning Center asked some additional questions of the family members... Maybe another tab on the Info page Viewing preferences Public Family only No viewing Would you like embalming for viewing purposes? Disclaimer: Emba...
Guest 3 months ago in Planning Center 1 Already exists