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PINNED Check for duplicate decedent names.
We continually have issues with multiple users started the same case. Data must be re-entered. I would be helpful to have the system check for duplicates when entering a decedent last name to avoid these types of issues. Even a "merge" record woul...

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Beta app: Ability to access checklists

I would like the ability to access checklists from the new app.
Guest about 1 year ago in Mobile 0 Planned

It would be helpful if I could chose up to 5-10 cases at a time when importing - especially when some things transfer over but some do not.

Sometimes all the accounting information does not transfer to Quickbooks when using the all cases option. It would be helpful to be able to choose more than one case at a time to export the information.
Guest about 1 month ago in Case Management / Accounting 0 Gathering interest

Print and Sign Filter

Some of our bigger firms (Legacy for example) are on print and sign for their contracts. There should be a way to filter through funeral homes who are on print and sign, and what contracts they have in their system or are tied to global.
Guest 2 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Multiple Arrangements in the "Appointments Tab"

Is it possible to update Passare so that directors can add more than one arrangement meeting under the "Appointments" tab? On the rare cases where I have to meet with the same family multiple times to go over arrangements, it would be helpful for ...
Guest 5 months ago in Case Management / Appointments 0 Planned

QR code tracking for pets

You have the QR code system for humans. Why not have it for pets. It is nice to be able to see the human cases we are serving through the cremation process. Logging in the retort, processor, urn ready to go to location and urn received at location...
Guest 4 months ago in Case Management / Security 0 Future consideration

Account codes and dates displayed on the Goods & Services screen

Account codes would be very helpful, particularily for cash advances since Vertin Company purchase accounts must off-set the sales account. Very helpful with cash advance accruals. Date are also very helpful so that we can see, at a very quick gla...
Londa Darwin over 3 years ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 3 Planned

Notification of Approved Obit

We would like to be notified once the family has approved the Obit in case they don't call or email us to let us know.
Austin Flowers 10 months ago in Planning Center 0 Gathering interest

Additional information needed on "View Check Detail" screen when in Goods and Services

On the Goods and Services screen when clicking on View check details, It would be extremely helpful to see the following, especially when dealing with cash advance accruals: The check transaction. This allows a Vertin user to see at a very quick g...
Londa Darwin 11 months ago in Case Management / Goods & Services 0 Planned

Bank Reconciliation Feature

Since there is a checkwritting feature available, it would be extremly helpful if there was also a bank reconciliation feature with reports showing what checks/transactions cleared the bank and which are still outstanding.
Londa Darwin 10 months ago in Passare API 0 Gathering interest

Tagging Directors When Cremated Remains Return from Crematory

Under the cremation tab --return from crematory When a director is marked as the counselor for a case, I would like to be able to tag(@) the director in charge when cremated remains return to the funeral home. Then, Passare can send them a notific...
Guest about 1 month ago in Case Management / Care Center 1 Gathering interest